Gen Z is bypassing Google Search

August 28, 2022 , BY Eric Elliott

Gen Z is the first generation to have been born digital and has never known life without the internet, smartphones, or social media. These young adults will change marketing and advertising forever, as they expect businesses to adapt and provide them with exactly what they want. This means that video search will become even more […]

How To Show Up On Google Maps

August 1, 2022 , BY Eric Elliott

It’s a well-known fact that today, if you’re not on Google Maps, you practically don’t exist. Customers today use their phones for everything, from research to navigation. The most popular navigation app is Google maps, available on any Android device and through the Google search engine. When locals want something nearby, they go to Google. […]


June 22, 2022 , BY eric_admin

This outline will change your social media planning forever. There’s a lot that goes into the Perfect Social Media pie – color, photos, captions, hashtags. There is never a lack of options when setting up a Social Media post or plan. But all of that can be misconstrued and your content could lie flat if you don’t use your […]

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