In this post, I’m going to show you how to create a marketing message that gets people to pay attention and act on it. The truth is, businesses invest a lot in marketing – to create awareness, bring more prospects on board, and so forth. But a good number of marketing efforts end up bloating the business expenditure without a corresponding increment on the income. Why is that so? Bland marketing. I liken weak marketing to an ordinary person trying to bring down a firm concrete wall with their fist. No matter how hard they try, it’s just not possible to create a crack, leave alone toppling the wall over. That’s what bland marketing does to a business. It fails to achieve the desired results while leaving the business in pain (losses). To succeed in marketing, you need to create a powerful marketing message that multiplies your return on investment (ROI).

What is a Marketing Message?

A marketing message is the communication you use to sell your brand to your prospects. It illustrates what your brand is about by communicating your offer to an audience and explaining why they should buy from you.

Why Do You Need to Create a Clear Marketing Message?

Chances are, your business operates in an industry that’s saturated with similar products and services. It takes more than just opening shop to get prospects to notice and want to buy from you. You have to arm yourself with a clear marketing message to rise above the crowd of competitors and sell. Marketers will tell you to define your ‘unique selling proposition’ (USP), which means spelling out the element that sets you apart from your competitors to draw customers to you.

Tips to Help You Create a Strong Marketing Message

1. Define Your Mission, Vision, and Core Values

You have your mission, vision, and core values spelled out, right? These are ligaments that keep your business firmly on its course. Hence, it’s crucial to have them and actually stick to them. They direct your business activities as well as motivate and push you towards growth. Your marketing message should also be consistent with your mission, vision, and core values. This is one way of helping you stay-on-brand because it acts as a blueprint to base all your campaigns.

2. Map Your Market

For your marketing efforts to be effective, you need to be offering relevant solutions to a select target audience. This requires you to identify your target market by demographic and lifestyle characteristics. Find out their income levels, age, purchasing behavior, etc. This way, you can create more relevant campaigns that yield results.

3. Understand Your Customers’ Problems and Package Solutions

Why do customers buy the products/services you and your competitors offer? No doubt they acquire them to meet particular needs. To create a clear marketing message, find out what problems your customers have, and package ideal solutions for them. Then personalize the marketing message in a way that shows you empathize with them. The essence of doing this is to make them feel you care and get them to listen. Note that your solutions must be really good and with the potency of solving their problems. Otherwise, negative reviews will work against you. Ensure you elaborate or create a vivid picture of how your solution will help them, to compel them to believe you. Consider backing up your solution with authentic customer stories to win over skeptics and fan the interest of indifferent prospects. On the same note, research on negative reviews, especially those directed to your close competitors. See why the customers were dissatisfied, and step up your offers with better solutions to solve the mentioned challenges.

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4. Write Attention-Grabbing Copy

Great products/services require to be backed up by an excellent copy. Actually, your copy is what sells your brand. Weave in words that evoke emotion within your message to create a connection with your target audience from the get-go. From the headline to the body and call to action, the content should be catchy and persuasive to keep them hooked. The art of story-telling should come to life in your copy by using a conversational tone. Finally, the message should have a clear call to action that creates a sense of urgency.

Qualities of a Powerful Marketing Message

To create a powerful marketing message that will have a positive ROI, ensure it is;

  • Conversational
  • Customer-focused
  • Friendly
  • Interesting
  • Jargon-free
  • Original
  • Precise
  • Self- explanatory

As a business owner, it’s essential to understand the marketing message you need for your advertising campaigns. In return, you can run effective marketing drives that help dominate the competition and make more profits. First, ensure you amplify your goals and values in the message to capture a market that best identifies with what you’re offering. Also, conduct thorough research on your market to provide relevant solutions that add value to them. This should be packaged in an attention-grabbing copy that is hard to ignore. However, if this sounds like too much labor, relax. Get in touch with me and let me help you create a compelling marketing message that will get you positive results.

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