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Becoming the clear and obvious choice for your potential clients, instead of simply being one of the possible choices begins with employing the most effective marketing program for yourself and your firm. Therein lies the solution. Choosing the legal marketing consultant matters to your firm as much as choosing the personal injury attorney matters to a personal injury client.

Becoming THE Choice in Your Market

Every personal injury victim has specific needs when they search for a skilled attorney to represent them. Everyone wants a successful result. In addition, each one also has preferences about how the process will happen. Choosing the personal injury law firm and the particular attorney is, therefore, determined by two things: desired legal outcome and personal preferences.

The Good Old Days

When there were very few automobile manufacturers, Henry Ford had no problem with “You can have any color you like as long as it’s black.” His market existed and was growing, his competition was not that influential, and choices were limited. Today, few Americans know that the Model T originally came out in six colors. But competition was lacking, and it was easier to use the same paint for all Model Ts, so that is what Henry did. The Good Old Days are gone, but many law firms still adopt the Henry Ford approach to marketing. In the same way that Ford cars all looked the same back then, many law firms look the same today. Their marketing resonates with two primary messages: we are a successful firm, and you don’t pay if we don’t win. The reason for this seems to be twofold, many law firms:

  1. Choose a marketing company to represent them because lawyers are experts in the law but not in marketing. That makes it both easy and logical to create programs that we call “Model T Marketing.”
  2. Assume the point of marketing is to “get our name out there.”

The Better New Days

If your marketing goal is more incisive, please keep reading. You want:

  1. You and your firm to be seen in your marketplace as the obvious, only, or best choice compared to other personal injury law firms.
  2. Potential clients to make contact with you.

That is a critical difference. Being seen as the obvious, only, or best choice puts you ahead of your competition. That is not just getting your name out there, it is establishing and maintaining your brand as the market leader. That is Stage 1. Stage 2 is maximizing the number of personal injury victims, or their relatives or employers, wanting to make direct contact with your office. Today’s modern marketing is about achieving specific, agreed, and measurable results.

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Marketing Your Law Firm’s Brand

Effective legal marketing begins with clarifying your unique or special brand elements; what we call USPs and SSPs: Unique Service Propositions, and Strong Service Points. Creating marketing programs that bring in expected results begins with the primary (and secondary) reasons personal injury victims would choose you and your firm before any and all others. While every client wants the best result possible, they also have preferences for the kind of attorney and firm they will work with, share intimate details with, and then see everything put into action. In addition to the final outcome, people choose an attorney to work with because they believe they can trust, respect, work with, and like that attorney and their team. Each of those preferences carries a different value with different types of people – or personas as we say in marketing. Marketing must deliver different messages in different ways to emphasize the qualities you want your brand to represent. You also want to achieve your power-position quickly and efficiently.

Our Marketing Philosophy

As your legal marketing consultant, we strategize marketing campaigns, so you achieve the two primary goals we listed above. Our marketing programs deliver results effectively and efficiently. We apply digital and video mediums to maximize SEO. Getting your name and your brand’s strengths into the prime market areas demands maximum online visibility. The messages we deliver for your brand are aimed at:

  • Outranking other law firms’ visibility.
  • Showing the different personal injury victim personas that your firm is staffed with legal teams they can trust, respect, with work with, and will be happy to spend time with.

Video is a powerful medium for achieving those objectives.  Clients see and listen to you and your team in ways, at times, that matter to them and using preferred apps which are convenient to them. We apply all digital marketing technologies and integrate them into traditional marketing mediums.

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The Takeaway

Model T Marketing will not raise your law firm above or separate it from other personal injury law firms. Modern Marketing does that. Your unique propositions and special strengths demand a unique and special marketing philosophy and a company with the track record to deliver for you. We would like to discuss your goals, needs, and ideas, and answer your questions so you can make the right decisions for your firm. Contact Eric Elliot and the VIP Marketing team of legal marketing consultants; click here to contact us.

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