I’ve faced the intricate task of recruiting for an Account Manager position for our digital marketing agency. This journey has been more than just a hiring process; it has been a learning experience rich with insights and revelations. It taught me the importance of patience in recruitment, a lesson I wish to share through this blog.

The Diverse Hiring Landscape

In recruitment, candidates come in all forms. Some genuinely align with your company’s vision and possess the required skills, while others may be motivated purely by financial gain. An interview with a candidate who openly admitted their motive was a salary increase, without showing any genuine interest in our agency or the role, was eye-opening. Such encounters highlight the need for a discerning eye in the hiring process.

Encountering ‘Professional Interviewers’

A unique challenge is facing candidates who are adept in the art of interviewing. These ‘professional interviewers’ are skilled at saying the right things, honing their interview skills through extensive experience. However, their polished responses may only sometimes reflect their proper fit for the role or the company culture.

The Imperative of Patience: My experiences have underscored the importance of a patient approach in hiring. Quick decisions can lead to poor hires, impacting not just the specific role but the entire team. Here’s why patience is key:

Understanding the Role: It’s essential to comprehend the role fully. For an Account Manager at our digital marketing agency, we require someone with marketing expertise, excellent communication skills, and a collaborative nature.

Developing a Candidate Scorecard: A candidate scorecard detailing the role’s requirements helps objectively evaluate each applicant. This includes technical skills, cultural fit, relevant experience, and soft skills.

Structured Interviewing: A structured interview approach ensures consistent evaluation of all candidates, focusing on essential criteria. Open-ended questions reveal more about a candidate’s genuine self.

Involving the Team: Getting insights from the team working with the new hire is invaluable. Their input is critical for assessing cultural fit and collaboration potential.

Thorough Background Checks: Background and reference checks are crucial. They can uncover important information not evident in interviews.

Trusting Your Gut: Sometimes, intuition speaks louder than facts. If something feels off about a candidate, it’s worth exploring that feeling further.

Challenges and Rewards: Finding the balance between urgency and thoroughness in hiring has been challenging. However, the rewards of a patient and thoughtful approach are significant, resulting in a hire that enhances the entire team.

Key Lessons

1) Beyond the Résumé: Personality, work ethic, and cultural fit are as important as professional qualifications.

2) The Importance of Communication: A candidate’s communication style during interviews can indicate future interactions with the team and clients.

3) Authenticity Over Perfection: Genuine interest and authenticity in a candidate are more valuable than rehearsed perfection.

4) Patience is Beneficial: Rushing hiring decisions can lead to regret. A deliberate approach pays off in the long run.


The process of hiring for VIP Marketing, our digital marketing agency, has been an enlightening journey. It combines art and strategy, requiring patience, insight, and adaptability. The key takeaway is clear: a deliberate, thoughtful approach to hiring is the cornerstone of building a successful team. The right candidate is out there; finding them takes time and careful consideration.

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