You may be wondering why an advertiser/marketer is saying that advertising destroyed a social media platform mogul. April 2019 saw a Facebook algorithm change. Suddenly, how you individually act and react on the platform affects who sees what. So, you could post killer content but if it doesn’t spark a conversation, it may never be seen.

Facebook Algorithm Change in a Nutshell: Pay to Play

What this Facebook algorithm change really did was allow Facebook to make more money through advertising. Boosting posts and encouraging ads, while a great move on Facebook’s marketing team, is causing an uptick in boosted content and pushing organic posts to sink to an all-time low. In short, the Facebook algorithm change signals that it is now pay to play.

Advertising Flood Gates

Unfortunately, opening the advertising flood gates allows for just about anyone to advertise their content (within the Facebook guidelines, of course). You now have to work harder to get your brand’s message out. How do you stand out when the game is literally being paid against you? You market the hell out of your brand.

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Content is Key 

Your content should engage conversation and be directed to both your current audience and the audience you wish to gain. Once you gain an audience, keep the audience by engaging with them- comments, likes, reactions. Make them feel like they are important. Not only sure your content be tailored to your audience, but it should also be tailored to you. What’s your vision for your brand? Your Message? Make sure it answers the 5Ws of Social Media.

You’ll Have to Pay to Play

What’s the point of learning how to create organic content if I’m just going to have to pay?!?! Running social media is a full-time job. You cannot run your own business and execute a successful social media campaign. Hiring the right marketing team will take your business to new levels. Experts that know that just throwing money at Facebook won’t get you the leads and successful business you crave; they know the platforms like the back of their hands. With the addition of Tik Tok on top of Instagram and Twitter and even YouTube, you may find yourself drowning in social media and losing sight of your business goals. Sound like you? You need Very Important Placement.     P.S. We recently discussed this topic with VIP’s social media content coach on Going Forward (Formerly ‘The AdCast’). Click here to check it out! 

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