In recent weeks the COVID-19 virus has no doubt changed what we considered a normal way of life. Our social relationships are now digital, and the term social distancing is the norm that we will have to get used to. The new normal has brought about the need to work from home, and the requirements to conduct business from home is mandatory. As I work from home, I have seen the importance of video conferencing. I use it occasionally, but now it’s the only way we can have meetings for business. Since video conferencing has become a necessity for daily business, let’s take a look at Zoom vs GoToMeeting. Video conferencing is an asset to a business, and choosing the right platform for your business is essential. Zoom and GoToMeeting are the most popular video conferencing providers. The features and benefits of each platform are important to consider. As leaders in their group, Both Zoom and GoToMeeting have outstanding features. They are both easily accessible from their desktop or mobile apps, and even participants can join meetings using their web browser.

What Should I Consider Before deciding?

  1. How many participants will I need to accommodate during an online meeting or video conferencing normally?
  2. Do I want several video feeds visible on screen?
  3. Will I need collaboration tools such as screen sharing, group chat, annotation, and breakout rooms?
  4. Is an option for recording the meetings needed? And if yes, how much of the cloud storage could you possibly need?

I will help you compare the two and better determine which video conferencing app to choose for your business.

Comparison Between Zoom and GoToMeeting

Ease of Use

Although both apps offer in-built control panels and dashboards, Zoom’s interface is cleaner and more straightforward, thus providing easier navigation for users. GoToMeeting has a sophisticated control panel that is positioned separately from the screen.

Video Conferencing Features

Whether it Zoom vs GoToMeeting, you get an HD video with multiple video feeds and multiple types of webcam views. While Zoom offers unique features such as touch up my appearance, which applies softening filter in real-time, GoToMeeting is rich in technical settings that Zoom lacks. You can use these settings to optimize participant’s webcam visuals conveniently.

Annotation and Whiteboarding

During an online presentation, perhaps a participant might want to circle, highlight, or make a comment on particular info on the screen – for clarity and impression. With  Zoom’s powerful annotation and drawing tools, you can do all sorts of things, ranging from highlighting an area, creating text boxes with font size and style of your choice, forming shapes to even inserting graphic elements such as checkmarks and arrows. Zoom’s whiteboarding option also can significantly help inefficient project management, just as if you were in a typical conference room.

Web Audio, Dial-In, and Calling Options

With GoToMeeting, you get full dial-in and more flexible calling options, including call me on every plan, whereas, Zoom offers dial-in and calling options according to subscription level.

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Screen Sharing

Screen sharing is another vital feature you would like to use to gauge the best online meeting software. Both Zoom and GoToMeeting have vigorous and easy to use screen sharing functionality.  Each app offers convenient screen sharing options for all windows and applications that are currently open on the device you are using.

Features & Functionality

Generally, GoToMeeting has a very clean and simple user interface (UI), making it easy to use, with great features such as document sharing and screen enlargement. On the other hand, Zoom has also got a great user interface with the ability to invite other participants, even non-zoom users.


Of course when it comes down to Zoom vs GoToMeeting, every business owner will ask about the price. Zoom’s free version has full features, and its Pro plan will offer you improved features and functionality. GoToMeeting has no free version; Plans will cost you more but will provide you with a higher attendee limit and cloud storage. GoToMeeting can cost you approximately $12.00/month, while Zoom is at $14.99/month per user. With over a decade at VIP Marketing (offering marketing agency services), Eric Elliott has got the experience and expertise that your business needs to be more successful. We specialize in automotive marketing, legal marketing, and healthcare marketing. Stay informed. Get the latest blog, marketing minute, and podcast when you sign up for our email list. You can also text Eric Elliott at 843-483-1555 and pick his brain.

In summary, both Zoom and GoToMeeting offer robust video conferencing solutions with advanced feature sets, security, and competitive pricing. The best choice depends on your specific needs and priorities. If you need advanced features like breakout rooms and virtual backgrounds, Zoom suits you the most. If you require integration with Salesforce or drawing tools, GoToMeeting is a better fit. Furthermore, the security of your meetings is paramount, and in this respect, both Zoom and GoToMeeting can offer top-notch protection for your video conferences.

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